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PostHeaderIcon Harry Potter Quotes 1 - 7

~ Harry Potter 1 quotes: you're a wizard, harry!! ( Rubeus Hagrid )

~ Harry Potter 2 quotes:
Harry : "promise me something"
Dobby : "anything, sir"
Harry : "never try to save my life again!"

~ Harry Potter 3 quotes: a child voice, however hones and true, is meaningless to those who've forgoten how to listen ( A. Dumbledore )

~ Harry Potter 4 quotes: he's back..he's back..voldemort's back! cedric, he asked me to bring his body back. i coulden't leave him..not there!( Harry )

 ~ Harry Potter 5 quotes: ..after all the years, after all you've soffered, i didn't want to chose you any more pain. i caried too much about you( A. Dumbledore )

~ Harry Potter 6 quotes: ..severus..please..( A. Dumbledore )

~ Harry potter 7 part1 quotes: the ministry has haven, the minister of magic is dead. they are coming( kingsley shacklebolt )

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